Prenatal / Postpartum

This is where you come to realize your strength as a mother. To empower yourself physically, to stabilize yourself emotionally. Sound in mind and body from prenatal to postpartum.

Will you feel stronger than you’ve ever felt in your life? Absolutely. But you’re gaining much more than just a trainer. You’re gaining a coach, doctor, exercise physiologist, mentor and confidante. I’ll be there with you each day, guiding you through weights, cardio and mindset trainings; reminding you of your strength should you forget.

This is where confidence in pregnancy and motherhood thrives… just as you will.

What You Get

  1. Mindset Training: weekly educational videos providing a science-based blueprint to improving your happiness, resiliency, intrinsic calm and locus of control.
  2. Cardiovascular Training workouts (3-5 per week)
  3. Resistance Training workouts (2-3 per week)
  4. Nutritional Analysis
  5. Sleep Hygiene
  6. One-on-One Support direct from Dr. Koschel
  7. Education: learn how your actions today translate to advantages for your babe, yourself and your family immediately and for generations to come.

C-section or vaginal delivery, expecting or postpartum, back issues, diastasis recti, or other complications…  Dr. Koschel has experienced it, coached it, conquered it. Are you ready to realize the strength within? Let’s do this mama.

Video: tired of awaiting the late arrival of her second child, Dr. Koschel engaged in pull-ups to speed irregular contractions. 3 sets of 5 pull-ups at 41 weeks pregnant did the trick. Her daughter was born 5 hours later.

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