What is the overarching goal of Fitness Therapy?

Life gets crazy. We get carried away with family, career and obligations. Everyone needs help now and then to reset and recenter; to create new habits, new routines that serve our health and happiness. These workouts will help you explore and identify your strengths and how to implement them to reduce the influence of the stressors you are facing.

How individualized is this program?

Let’s just say we’ll get very comfortable with each other. You’re going to hear me in your head, every workout, every run, every stressful situation. We’ll laugh, oh how we’ll laugh. A certain level of honesty arises out of online training; a freedom from judgement and the ability to truthfully state exactly how you feel about each interval workout, each exercise, each and every day… and that’s where the real progress begins.

This program is all about creating sustainable lifestyle change so YOU must be the designer. Only want to workout 3 times per week? Great. Not willing to give up your late-night chocolate fix? We’ll work around it. Going out of town? We’ll figure out if the hotel has a gym, if a bodyweight workout is in order, or if it’s best to simply take some R&R. The program is about teaching you sustainable health of body and mind, which looks different for everyone.

Is this program for novice or experienced lifters?

In short… both. As a collegiate strength coach I spent many years teaching the fundamentals of lifting from novice to professional. As a professor I lectured on techniques and fundamentals for freshman and graduate students alike. Access to the TrueCoach app / website (included in the program) allows you to view a video of each and every exercise with instruction. I will also request that you video your lifts so that I may critique and applaud you.

I’m a trainer. Do you provide Fitness Therapy education?

Online trainer’s education will soon be launched. The best way to teach however, is first to become the student. I encourage all of my mentees to experience the program firsthand. Put yourself in the shoes of your clients. Live the change, breathe it, feel it. Fill your cup and have it overflow to those you train.

Do you work with injuries?

Yes. Pregnant with disc issues? Seen it. Sciatica? No problem. Joint instability, lower back pain, the list goes on. Not only do I not shy away from injuries, I will help you strengthen and realign the area to minimize discomfort. I can also help decipher if the injury needs medical attention (I’m married to an emergency medicine doc after all).

How does it work? What will be expected of me?

Because each person has different goals and challenges, training will look different depending on the individual. I tailor my therapeutic approach to your specific needs. As a general overview, you can expect 2-3 weekly weight room workouts (or bands/body weight if you do not have access to a gym) . You will additionally be assigned 3-5 cardiovascular workouts per week ranging from hill, sprint and endurance intervals to tempo and steady-state runs. You will receive a Monday Mindset video each and every week with prescribed goals. Nutrition and sleep analyses will be ongoing until your habits align with your goals.

How long will it take?

The common denominator for this program is commitment: Exercise, Autonomy, Interpersonal Relationships, Mindset, Sleep, Nature… this is an all-encompassing wellness makeover. That is after all, how your brain works best to improve your health and happiness. It takes an average of 66 days to create new neuropathways (read: create habits), as such a minimum 12-week commitment is required to solidify your training.

Most clients then switch to a “maintenance” program at a reduced price following graduation from initial training. The goal is never to keep clients forever. I want you to learn to live in a state of wellness of your own accord. But if you become addicted to the workouts, I’m happy to keep challenging you. =)

I want to get the most out of Fitness Therapy. What can I do to help?

Take responsibility. I’m not a psychologist, I’m an exercise therapist, meaning that I provide you the tools and teach you to correct your mindset and your habits yourself. Accountability for your own choices and reactions are crucial to your success.


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