The Science of Change

Transform your body.

Rewire your brain.

Take your life back.

This is where mindset training meets strength training; where physical challenge meets emotional control. This is where you come to change not just your body but your life.

Developed by Ph.D. and professional strength coach Dr. Tessa Koschel, this is the only doctoral-level training program that guides you through complete physical and neurological restructuring to build the body you love and the peace-of-mind you need.

Gone are the days of training for physique alone. Your body should be a reflection of the warrior you've built from within." ~Dr. Koschel

This program is for the high-achievers; the fighters. Those willing to put in the work in the gym, and in their own head to create a life that serves their happiness.

That physique you desire? That controlled mindset? It's not intangible... it's science. And I can provide the blueprint.

 Are you ready? Apply today!


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Meet Dr. Tessa Koschel

Dr. Tessa Koschel is a leading expert in the field of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, with specialization in strength & conditioning and the neuropsychological effects of exercise. In addition to private clients, Dr. K has close ties with the medical community, traveling nationally to educate and empower physicians against burnout and emotional fatigue.

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